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How to Make a Difference? Pause, Ponder, Proceed

Lately, the graphic images of families being completely uprooted, young lives being taken too soon and the desperation to create some sort of ‘new normal’ is hard to watch. Like many, we wonder what we could possibly do to make a difference. And that’s the problem. When we’re faced with something so huge, we can become stuck by the bigness of the issue. We start to vacillate. We don’t know where to begin. It’s similar when we have unrealized career aspirations or want to try something new. Our ideas and dreams can seem too big so we stall, become stuck
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Is Your Career at a Crossroad? Or do you just need to get ‘aligned’

Is Your Career at a Crossroad? Or do you just need to get ‘Aligned’ Continue reading

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Learn how to connect with what is important to us so that we can get more of that in our career. Continue reading

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Align with Your Values

Oh how I’ve resisted the Blog. For years people have been suggesting – quite strongly in some cases – that I simply must blog. All the gurus are doing it, they argue. How can you possibly create a following if you’re not providing fresh content, they say. I hear you. And…I’m still thinking about it. Because I still have this niggly feeling that the people I coach and the people in my workshops and the people who read my books already have a full schedule and then some. They have a hard enough time keeping up with their e-mails. How
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