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How to Make a Difference? Pause, Ponder, Proceed

Lately, the graphic images of families being completely uprooted, young lives being taken too soon and the desperation to create some sort of ‘new normal’ is hard to watch. Like many, we wonder what we could possibly do to make a difference. And that’s the problem. When we’re faced with something so huge, we can become stuck by the bigness of the issue. We start to vacillate. We don’t know where to begin. It’s similar when we have unrealized career aspirations or want to try something new. Our ideas and dreams can seem too big so we stall, become stuck
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Are You Caught in a Corporate Undercurrent?

When you think about getting caught in an undercurrent, what comes to mind? For me, I’m reminded of a beach vacation in the Caribbean when I got caught in a nasty churn of ocean and sand that made me kiss the ground when I finally broke free of it. On the surface, the ocean appeared fun and inviting, but underneath it was a different story. I had seriously underestimated the pull of the undertow. No matter where we work there’s a corporate culture or an undercurrent of values and practices that can either support us in being at our best
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What Does Authentic Feel Like?

When I hear the word ‘authentic’, I don’t think of a person. I think of a piece of furniture. I think it comes from the fact I grew up in a fifth generation, 100 year-old home littered with antiques that each had its own story. When someone describes another as authentic or lists it as a leadership quality they aspire to embody, I hear an announcer’s voice ─ probably an auctioneer ─ saying something like: “And in this corner we have an Edwardian mahogany partners desk c.1910. Have a seat and feel what authentic feels like.” Like many, I find
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“Simple steps to a good job make for a self-help book that works”

With September feeling to many like the start of a new year it’s a great time to re-visit Step One in my book, NAIL IT! and do the contrast to clarity exercise.  It will help you focus on what you really want in the coming months. Here’s a review of my book, Simple steps to a good job make for a self-help book that works that I finally have a pdf to post. Thanks to reviewer extraordinaire Kaye Parker.

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