Successful Transitions

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In transitions, such as moving from summer to fall, it’s important to have an Ending – to reflect on what went well and what we’d like to improve, and then create plans for the new Beginning.

I use the Name It: Reframe It exercise from my book for this and it works every time. As you create your What’s Working / Not Working and Reframe that list to What you Really Want categories, a plan starts to form. It can be as simple as realizing you need to buy new phone chargers because your family is always fighting over the one or two you own. Or it could be bigger. Maybe in your vacation downtime you realized you want something more in your career and you need to take some steps to figure that out.

One of the actions that came up for me as a result of doing the Name It: Reframe It list back in January was the creation of a new Pro Bono Leadership Coaching program for CEO’sof charitable organizations.  I wanted to find a way to give back that aligned with my values. I like to give to charities, but I’m never really sure where the money goes and because we had a lot of extra expenses over the past couple of years in building a new home, I have started being a little more conscientious of how much and where I was donating my income. This is why this exercise is so important. If something isn’t feeling quite right or you’re not aligned with your actions, then you’re not going to get strong, meaningful outcomes. I’m thrilled that I have two new CEOs starting my pro bono leadership coaching program this Fall. And I am taking applications for January.

I’ve had a lot of great conversations over the summer and the common thread seems to be that people are kind of all over the place — in transition.  Kids are at different stages. Vacations have either ended or have not happened at all.  Some are thinking about team building and business plans. Others are transitioning into retirement.

I went back through my archive of blogs over the last five years and pulled out a few here. There’s the “When to use the Happy No” for those of you needing help setting boundaries. Or if you got pulled into special projects and gave up your vacation time – you might want to revisit “Stop Giving Your Talent Away! Ask For What You Deserve”. And anyone who manages people could you use a refresher from “Why do We Excuse Bad Behavior”. Finally, for those with small school-agedchildren, have a look at the blog I wrote in a frazzled state 5 years ago when my kids were much more dependant, called “Can We Enjoy the Back to School Frenzy?

These are quick reads. I hope you get some inspiration and ideas from them.

Wishing you much success,

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