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Reflect on the areas that are most important to you, create a plan and take purposeful action.


These last few weeks have been a bit different for me. I got back from a family vacation to find out that one of our friends, who we thought was better, had passed away. Same age as us. Kids the same age as ours. It’s a tragic story of someone leaving us too soon that I’ve heard too many times.  There are stages of grief which I’m not really up on, so I won’t go into that. But the most noticeable part of this process for me is how it has slowed my thoughts to focus on the bigger things. What’s most important. What legacy I’m creating. I find I’m not reacting to the small annoyances (like being beeped at when turning lanes). It doesn’t have a space in my brain at the moment.

I wrote NAIL IT!® more than ten years ago because I thought there must be a better way. That if people could figure out how to be happier in their careers, that positive attitude would ripple throughout the organization. I still believe that’s true. And I’m happy for that to be part of my legacy. Once you define what you want, there is a lot of momentum and focused action that happens. That’s fun to witness and also energizing and useful for organizations.

When we are at a point in our career where we have influence and can create meaningful change, I think we owe it to ourselves (and those around us) to reflect on how we can have a greater impact. I don’t mean get busier. I mean get more intentional. Reflect on the areas that are most important to you, create a plan and take purposeful action.  

My favorite chapter in NAIL IT!® is called Let Your Vision Catch Up to You. I’m including the exercise from that chapter below. Take a moment to make some notes and see what you come up with. And since this positive ripple effect is part of my vision, please share this blog through one of the social media buttons below.

Wishing you every success,

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