An Online Career Story Project Inc. Program for Aspiring Professionals.

Everyone Has a Career Story: What’s Yours?

You are ready for the NAIL IT! online program if…

You are considering a career choice or looking for a clearer sense of direction to grow in your career by either tapping into your true talents, accepting or applying for a new position or looking to enhance your role within your current organization.

This program is for you if you are:

  • A manager who is preparing for promotion
  • A professional at a crossroads thinking of how to enhance their role within a company to utilize more of their strengths
  • A mid-career employee who wants more meaningful work but isn’t sure where to start
  • A seasoned employee who wants to create a plan for advancement

What my clients are saying…

  • "Karen Kelloway's Nail It! guides readers through an insightful and utterly enjoyable analysis to determine the best way to reframe your career and get in touch with values that will make you more productive in your work."

    Wallace Immen The Globe and Mail
  • "I was successful in getting my last promotion because I walked into a meeting and when asked about my work, I talked about it differently. That’s because I went through the NAIL IT!® coaching program and applied what I learned. Now I’m aware of my skills, my values, what really makes me passionate about my work and how to project myself."

    Chrissy Dreger Manager Emerging Technology & Funding, Nova Scotia Power
  • “Thank you for the NAIL IT! ® coaching program experience. I learned a lot about myself in the last six months which has allowed me to become more efficient at my job. It surprised me that being more confident could save both myself and my co-workers time because I stopped second guessing, which allowed us to get the job done quicker. I look forward to what I can accomplish now with my new found confidence.”

    Jennifer Richardson Operations Engineer, Heritage Gas
  • “I didn’t realize how powerful coaching is. Working with Karen, I've seen the results of my efforts in improving my relationships at work through better listening, understanding my unique communications style, focusing on what I value and staying true to myself.”

    Helen Nicholson Project Manager, League Data

 An Overview of the Program

NAIL IT Module 1

Name It: Reframe It

“What are you going to do with all those imperfect apples?”


  • Learn to reframe what they are not happy with in their role, allowing for more positive, forward-thinking role development conversations
  • Start to focus on what they can control
  • Start to take ownership of their career management process
NAIL IT Module 2

Discover Your Alignment Detector

” How can you start to make values-based decisions?”


  • Discover their top personal values to provide more meaning in their role
  • Reflect on how their values impact leadership behaviors
  • Align their personal values with the organizations for greater job satisfaction and productivity
NAIL IT Module 3

Uncover Your Blind Spots

“Uncover Your Blind Spots; Play to Your Strengths”


  • Look at their strengths and strengths overdone
  • Validate their strengths with feedback from their coworkers
  • Gain ideas to add to their internal performance development plans
NAIL IT Module 4

Deal with the Difficult

“How can you create positive outcomes, no matter what?”


  • Start to focus on what they can control
  • Learn techniques for conflict and how to manage it
  • Let go of limiting beliefs, assumptions and judgements
NAIL IT Module 5

Strategize for Success

“Create a plan; Work the plan; Speak the plan”


  • Have a plan to bring forward as part of their career management process
  • Have talking points to articulate what they want in their career progression
  • Learn how to stay on track amid obstacles with the right attitude
NAIL IT Module 6

BONUS: “The Apple-logue”

  • Participants will be guided through a personal vision exercise.

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