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Nail It!®: A Career Management Program for Aspiring Professionals

Companies are experiencing increased pressure to manage costs and improve performance more and more every day. These same companies are also seeking ways to ensure they keep their top people. Studies confirm that a more engaged workforce, coupled with providing employees with the skills and tools to manage their career aspirations greatly contribute to retaining and engaging top talent.

The Nail It!® Career Management Program provides a pragmatic and practical approach to defining a unique career path for each individual. Through this six step process, individuals develop a career strategy aligned with the organization’s values and goals.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to reframe and clarify the barriers to success
  • How to adopt effective strategies to move your career forward
  • How to align your core values with your organization’s for greater motivation and engagement
  • How to create an action plan to achieve your goals
  • How to get buy-in and begin to ‘action’ your plan

What my clients are saying…

  • “I didn’t realize how powerful coaching is. Working with Karen, I've seen the results of my efforts in improving my relationships at work through better listening, understanding my unique communications style, focusing on what I value and staying true to myself.”

    Helen Nicholson Project Manager, League Data
  • “Karen’s NAIL IT!® program and guidance was a great chance to rethink my goals, assess my skill set and remind me of my personal and professional values. She helped me get "unstuck" and back on track in my career. Highly recommended.”

    Suzanne Rent Associate Editor
  • “I was young, ambitious, filled with big dreams...and frustrated that I wasn't making fast enough progress. A colleague told me about a great coach he was working with, so I decided to check her out. Enter Karen Kelloway. Karen's coaching helped me create a powerful vision for what I wanted and a tangible plan for making it happen. Flash forward eight years. I'm sorting through an abandoned filing cabinet and re-discover a folder containing notes and worksheets from my work with Karen. I recycled everything in that cabinet EXCEPT my "Kelloway File." I'm keeping it because when I think of how she helped me redefine and claim success at a pivotal point in my career, I continue to feel a deep sense of gratitude.”

    Eleanor Beaton Women's Leadership Development Expert
  • “Thank you for the NAIL IT! ® coaching program experience. I learned a lot about myself in the last six months which has allowed me to become more efficient at my job. It surprised me that being more confident could save both myself and my co-workers time because I stopped second guessing, which allowed us to get the job done quicker. I look forward to what I can accomplish now with my new found confidence.”

    Jennifer Richardson Operations Engineer, Heritage Gas
  • "Karen Kelloway's Nail It! guides readers through an insightful and utterly enjoyable analysis to determine the best way to reframe your career and get in touch with values that will make you more productive in your work."

    Wallace Immen The Globe and Mail

Nail It!® Benefits

Benefits for the Individual

  • Practical and pragmatic process for defining your career path
  • Greater focus and clarity on your career goals
  • Greater confidence and focus in creating an action plan to achieve your goals

Benefits for the Organization

  • An effective approach to supporting your employee’s career development
  • Support for your organization’s performance management planning process
  • An effective program to support your organization’s retention and engagement strategies

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