Executive Coaching

Who Benefits?

I most often work with high-performing clients. I find high performers the most at-risk of experiencing frustration and burnout within their organization, particularly as they move from the role of ‘doer’ to ‘leader’. I’ve coached mid to senior level managers and deputy ministers in the public sector, as well as team leaders, directors and executives in the private sector. Coaching helps you step back and create a plan that focuses your talents and energy so that you can stay engaged, on track and achieving big things.

Common themes of coaching include: clarifying priorities; identifying obstacles and strategizing to get beyond them, understanding individual communications style and how to better engage others; delegating; strengthening leadership presence; rallying the team around common goals.

The Coaching Process

I focus on leadership and management development in order to advance organizational and professional results. The goals of each coaching conversation are to assist clients to:

  • Promote self-discovery and awareness
  • Establish achievable goals
  • Determine a course of action
  • Create accountability and motivation to achieve those goals

A typical coaching program lasts six to eight months. Please contact me for a pdf of the full coaching steps I use in the Executive Coaching program.

“Karen’s coaching was very helpful to me as I made the transition from a manager to a leader. She pushed me to look at situations and myself differently and to make real changes that would stick. Karen is great for helping you focus on one area of development at a time and then giving positive reinforcement for the changes you are making.” – Senior Manager, Communications

“Karen provided advice and second opinions during a tumultuous time. It was comforting to know I had a great sounding board through it all.” ─ Plant Manager, Utilities company

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