It’s Yours to Create – A Fairy Tree Tale

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Fairy TreeWhat I love about this Fairy Tree is how it got its start. It wasn’t always the star of the forest. In the 15 years or so that I’ve been walking along its popular path I hadn’t really paid it much attention. It just blended in with the other trees.

Then one December day that all changed. Someone had come along and placed a single ornament on its branches. Soon, others were added. Within a week it had become a beautifully decorated tree. When I brought my kids to add their own homemade ornaments, they thought the tree must be magical. In fact, my daughter was convinced the tree must belong to the fairies. That was four years ago. Every year since then, someone starts with a single ornament, others are added, and the tree transforms into what my kids and I refer to as the Fairy Tree.

The moral of this tale is simply this: It just takes one small gesture, one action, one idea, to begin a flow of creativity and an initiative that is greater then you could have imagined. Whether you need to step out for yourself because your own unique talents aren’t being recognized, or you see an opportunity for your team that you haven’t yet acted on – just take that small step and start. Who knows what magic you can create!

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