How To Approach A Big Project

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Big projects take a lot of energy. To succeed, you need a clear vision. You need to be flexible. And you need to ensure those around you are aligned with where you are going. One of my big projects over the past number of months was to completely overhaul my website. I wanted to have a resource that was more aligned with what I’m really good at and where I can provide the most value. I didn’t want a typical leadership development website with stock photos and catchy phrases. I wanted to use photos of real people. And this may sound like an odd thing to say, but I just wanted to be me. I have two passions – writing and coaching, and I wanted to be able to have both my fiction and non-fiction story telling abilities on the screen. It’s usually a surprise when I tell people I also write children’s novels, and so I found a way to integrate that into my website.

I hope my new website is a helpful resource for you. I am grateful to the many people who participated in providing their input and allowed a camera in the room.

Here are a some of my takeaways that you might consider when taking on a big project:

✔ Reflect on your must-haves

✔ Create a timeline but be flexible

✔ Ask for two options on areas you aren’t sure about (in my case, it was design).

✔ Ensure your team shares your vision for the project and remind them even if that means re-doing parts and/or slowing down.

✔ Listen to and consider your team’s opinions and take some time before responding. Ideas sometimes need to germinate.

✔ Decide when your Inner Perfectionist needs to take a holiday! It can’t all be perfect…yet.

✔ Celebrate the end project!

Wishing You Much Success,

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