How One NAIL IT!® Participant Got Her Dream Job

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I was in a sticky place and my manager knew it.

We often think that advancing in our career means moving up a rung in the corporate ladder. This seasoned professional has proven that it’s more about finding a role that aligns with your values, motivations and that ultimately makes you happy. Here’s an excerpt from a conversation between me and one manager who recently used the six simple steps of my NAIL IT! ® program to land her dream job.

Q: When your boss offered you the chance to go through the NAIL IT!® program what was your reaction?

A: It was a little bit of an eye roll because my manager knows how much I work on my own to develop my career. I wasn’t totally convinced it was going to be a game changer or add a whole lot to what I didn’t already know.  I think as high achievers we think we get it already. I was wrong!

Q: What was your motivation, then, to do the program? 

A: I was in a sticky place and my manager knew it.  I’ve taken countless professional development workshops on communications, management skills, you know,  ‘ how to be a good leader’. At first, I expected this was just one more thing – but now that I’ve gone through the coaching I realize those were workshops in groups. But coaching is one-on-one where we can really get to the core issues.  Coaching with you is much more of a conversation.

Q: You talk about game changing. Thinking back, what was the game changing moment for you in the program?

A: I think it was Step Two in the program when we talked about my values.  I remember it being really hard because it wasn’t going to help me if I wasn’t going to be honest. Going through that exercise of really honestly saying what is it what I value, this is what drives me, this is why and even asking why is it that I’m grumpy some days and not some other days! Once I got what was really important to me established, the rest of it all seemed easy.  Because my values are who I am and that is what I need to stay motivated and be my best. Realizing that when I am my best I’m happy.

Q: What else stood out for you from the program?

A: Doing the Billboard speech exercise. That was really about figuring out how to project yourself.  I got this job because I walked into a meeting and when asked about my work, I talked about it differently.  Now I’m aware of my skills, my values, what really makes me passionate, how I think about my work. Being able to bring that into every meeting I have and even how I talk at the water cooler – now all of a sudden, they look at me differently.

Q: Who do you think would benefit most from this program?

A: If you’re stuck. Looking back it really feels like that is where you lean on the program. It not only helps you figure out how to connect with yourself so that you can connect with others, but the program also helps how you project yourself to others. It’s also a bit of a reality check. If you say these are my values, then do I even adhere to them now or, even am I in a department that is completely out of line with these values? It helps you realize if you want to get promoted in your current role or if it’s time find somewhere else that is more aligned with what you do.

Q: What advice would you give someone doing the program?

A: Do It! Take it and go in whole-heartedly, go in with an open mind, plan to find that alignment, plan to tap into yourself a little bit so you can really get how you can change things. Personally, I was blaming others for why I was frustrated or not getting promoted, which wasn’t helping me get anywhere!

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: This program clarifies a lot of things. Some people think, well I’m already “Nailing It”, but maybe if you go and do this you can really Nail It!


If you know someone who is too smart to be stuck, please pass this post on. We all deserve to be in a job we love.

Wishing you full career alignment and success,

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