Handling the stress of this pandemic

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I think we are all in agreement that ‘it’s been a week’. Many of us had travel plans, made the difficult decision to cancel and then realized soon after there really wasn’t a choice to make after all. We woke up to a new reality. And it can be hard to switch gears. As my daughter said, it’s not much fun to unpack for a trip we didn’t get to go on! True. The ‘unpacking’ of all these emotions, though, is important. I’ve still tried to take this week off as committed to my kids before I begin on Monday with what will likely be weeks of Zoom calls and virtual team sessions. And I’m actually looking forward to that – to the ‘work-work’ part of the coming weeks. We need to focus on something we can control in the midst of uncertainty. I find the virtual coaching sessions can be really productive and energizing.

This world crisis, though, is testing leadership capacity and capabilities more than most of us have seen in our lifetimes. Our leaders need our support. We all need to do our part. And I’m grateful to be in the profession that I’m in.

I’m sharing a column written by one of my coaching friends from across the border on how to handle the stress of this pandemic. Jamie Sussel Turner has written Less Stress Life: How I Went from Crazed to Calm and You Can Too . She is a three-time cancer survivor, a Hurricane Sandy survivor and resides with her family in Jersey Shore (though she is married to a Canadian so you might see her around Toronto on occasion). She’s a delightful human being who knows a lot about resilience and getting through stressful times. I hope you enjoy her insight.


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