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Connections – that was the theme of this years conference for the Human Resource Association of Nova Scotia.

I did a workshop based on my career book, NAIL IT! Six Steps to Transform Your Career.

I had a great group of about 40 HR professionals interested in getting some tips to take back to their workplace. We spent the majority of our time talking about how to Name and Reframe what we want in our ideal work experience and then integrating our personal values into the kinds of projects and responsibilities we take on in our daily tasks. When something is off in our career, most of us tend to start down the road of focusing on all the things that aren’t working. So use that information and Reframe the negative into what your ideal would look like if you had it your way.

I love how one workshop participant described this tendency to start focusing on what’s not going well. She said when things are working, we don’t usually stop and think about why they are working, we just enjoy the work. But when things aren’t going well, we tend to stop and ask why and focus on that.

Leadership coaching focuses on both and supports individuals in moving their experiences (good and bad) into meaningful productive work that benefits both themselves and the organization.

How can we connect with what is important to us so that we can get more of that in our career? Whether you are transforming your career or are transitioning to something completely different. The process is the same. It starts with Naming what you want. That’s the first step in my book . Try It!

Karen Kelloway at HRANS conference

My KBRS colleague, Stephen Pamenter introduced me at the event.

Karen Kelloway Executive Coach

Connecting with the Group

Nail It by Karen Kelloway

Chapters had a book store at the conference - love the company NAIL IT! keeps

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