Can You Enjoy the Back-to-School Frenzy?

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I’ve enjoyed a fair amount of golf this summer due to the popular Ladies Night at Indian Lake golf course here in Nova Scotia. What I love about the game of golf is that no matter what kind of day you’re having, every shot forces you to get in the zone.

Transitioning into Fall can be a particularly difficult time to stay focused. There’s a lot at stake. As parents, we need to ensure our children are prepared and equipped for a good start to school; as individuals, we need to ensure we’ve done all we can to be prepare and equip ourselves for a smooth transition to a new season. That may look a little different for everyone, but the theme when I’m coaching clients often comes down to how we’re managing ourselves – our schedule, how we delegate (or don’t), how we react to change, our planning skills, how we communicate, what we need to do to stay sane but aren’t making time for, and on.

As we head into the Fall frenzy, I’ll offer you some words of wisdom from one of my favourite authors and teachers, Eckhart Tolle. He says that if we are living in the Now or in the Present, then we are in a state of Acceptance, Enjoyment or Enthusiasm. That’s a good place to be.  Just by repeating that first word –  accept, eg. “I Accept this [fill in the challenge]”, it lets you pause and get a little more prepared to react in a more positive way.

Tolle says that living in the present moment is the most effective way to deal with challenges.  He gives the example of being stuck in the mud. He says we have to accept that we are stuck in the mud before we can actually start to strategize about how to get out. Until we accept the reality of the situation, we’ll just stay stuck.

Post-game with Patti Dow(R) , our fun and free-spirited organizer of Ladies Night golf

Post-game with Patti Dow(R) , our fun and free-spirited organizer of Ladies Night golf

The first step in my trademarked career advancement program, NAIL IT! ® helps us Name and Reframe what we really want so we can more quickly get into the place of acceptance, enthusiasm and enjoyment.

My goal for this Fall transition is to not only Accept all the chaos with the good, but figure out how to Enjoy it. Because I think that’s a better place to be for both ourselves and our children.

Wishing you much success,

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