Anticipate the Moguls: Why the Finish Line Isn’t Necessarily the Measure of Success

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skiing_175wWe can learn a lot watching competitive skiing. There’s a focus mixed with a feeling of exhilaration that takes skiers mindfully toward the finish line. It’s fun flying down the mountain, but if you don’t anticipate the twists and turns of the course, you can easily get thrown off track.

This time of year we often use the New Year’s momentum to get out of the gates quickly. The mistake I propose that many of us make is that we don’t anticipate the inevitable bumps that show up and then get discouraged too soon. But what if we could take a broader view? What if we considered that the bumps along the way are actually part of the getting through to the finish line?

Think for example, of the mogul competition. When I lived in Whistler, BC, this was one of my favorite competitions to watch. The skiers start out staring down a steep slope to the finish line. There’s mound upon mound of snow blocking their path, interrupted by jumps placed one and two-thirds down the hill where they are expected to pause to perform some sort of acrobatic feat.

Sound like your typical day at work?  It is. The difference between the mogulists and us, is that they know and expect the fancy foot work they’ll need to successfully negotiate each quick turn. The bumps become exhilarating challenges. Watching them, it’s clear they have the end goal in mind…and, they are enjoying the process.

You might need to do some major self-talk to get yourself through these blocks in a mindful way. I found it interesting that just as I was ready to upload my blog to distribute, my server went down.  I wasn’t able to log in to upload the new content. My first reaction was predictable – I panicked. But after a few deep breaths and a conversation with my tech support, I decided to take my own advice and treat this road bump as part of the ride. And if you’re reading this blog, then I’ve succeeded!

That’s my New Year’s wish for you. Feel that exhilaration of knowing where you’re going. But step back to take a broader view of your path and consider the potential obstacles as part of the fulfillment of your goals. After all, when I ask someone what they’re most proud of, it’s often a challenge they successfully overcame. So reconsider what success is and go for it. I’m betting you can accomplish much more then you can ever thought possible.

Enjoy the run!

Wishing you full career alignment and success,

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