About Karen Kelloway, Author

Growing up I used to write a lot of poems.

Quirky, rhyming, humorous —but not always. When I look back on that body of work I realize now that writing rhyming couplets was how I dealt with big events in my life. My cousin leaving at a young age to play hockey, a dear Aunt who passed away. I gave my poems as gifts on special occasions and I wrote others that were just for me as I tried to sort out the world.

When I was doing research to prepare to write my first novel, Raphael’s Riddle, I interviewed a Dutch lady about her Sinterklaas traditions. She told me that on the eve of Dec. 5th, the family would write clever, rhyming poems (called Supreeze poems) to tell another member of their family where their present was hidden. Riddles you say? It was a surreal moment where I saw how Raphael’s adventure could unfold using a riddle as a time travel piece. It was the extra boost of confidence I needed to take on what felt like an overwhelming project. I left that interview feeling like I was walking on air. It was like I had been preparing to write this time travel adventure my entire life.

As an author, I write both fiction and non-fiction. I enjoy creating imaginary worlds as much as I enjoy writing practical advice for those trying to navigate the real world. Essentially, I like helping people figure stuff out. If you think about it, whether it’s real or made up the main character always has to resolve a challenge or problem. There must be character growth for any story or workplace to be a success. In both the real and fictional world there is plot and subplot. There is conflict and points of view. There’s always a villain. Some structure is good. And we all like happily ever afters.

So whether you’re looking for an escape or seeking practical advice, I hope you’ll find something here in my book section that inspires you.

Wishing you much success,

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