My Alta Lake Moment

Karen Kelloway, NAIL IT! Six Steps to Transform Your Career
Chapter Abstract
Preface: My Alta Lake Moment

I always suspected there was a better way. As I walked down hallway after hallway, navigated cubicle mazes of every shape and size, pulling my chair up to desk after desk …after desk, I couldn’t help feeling that there was something missing. But I didn’t know where to begin.

For many years I watched co-workers cross X’s through each calendar day and listened to them talk about just ‘getting through’ the week. But if you asked those same people what they wish they had more of, it would be the very thing they were wishing away—time.

I’ve learned that we need to start looking at time as the precious commodity that it is, that we need to figure out how to enjoy each moment instead of wishing it away. I know this because for many years I was one of those employees crossing off days. That was until I had what I call my Alta Lake moment in 2001.

Seven years after I lived in Whistler, BC, where I worked at the ski school and wrote for various publications, I had the opportunity to return to attend a conference. A business coach took the stage to talk about this emerging profession and how she was helping people find more success and fulfillment in their careers. I got goose bumps. I turned to my colleague and whispered, This is what I’m meant to do!

The feeling was confirmed the next morning when I went for a run down a path I used to take many mornings years before. I ended up sitting cross-legged on the end of the wharf at Alta Lake, gazing up at the snow-capped mountains. In this moment of stillness with only a mother duck and her ducklings to keep me company, I realized I could no longer ignore the niggling feeling inside. My career was no longer fueling me and it was time to move on. I wanted to follow my passion to write and I wanted to help others find a way to make every day count.

This book was inspired by my desire to help you get where you want to go, whether that means transitioning to a new career or transforming an existing one. It’s not as difficult as you think. You need a willingness to get clear on what you want, look to yourself to see what’s getting in the way and move forward with intention.

So whether you need to go climb a mountain, take a run down a path, or meditate by a lake, go ahead and do that. And when you’re ready, I invite you to pull up a chair, grab a pen and get ready to start creating the career you really want.

CBC TV Interview, Progress Women of Excellence Award

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