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Co-workers: Love Them or Egg Them?

I’ve secretly wanted to egg my neighbor’s house for about three months now. I’ve even envisioned ‘decorating it’ for Halloween. I know, this is bad, like way out of alignment. But the truth is I didn’t even realize I was harbouring these toxic thoughts until my mother-in-law visited and innocently commented that the neighbor’s renovations were sure taking a long time. Right? RIGHT! Finally, someone else has noticed the grating, whining sound of the wood cutting machine, the pounding of nail after nail after nail, the constant conversation of co-workers up on the roof measuring things. It’s tough, this co-habitation
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What’s Your Billboard?

Get More of What You Want by Helping Others Help You You’ve driven by the blank billboards that entice you to advertise and “Put your name here.” Imagine if on one of these days, you’re driving home from work feeling frustrated at being passed up for yet another promotion or dream assignment. You catch a glimpse of one of these billboards and think, “Hmm, if my manager could see me, larger then life, on that billboard promoting all of my talents and achievements, then it would just be so easy for him/her to hand me that plum assignment…” And then
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