Milestone Moments

There’s a saying about laughing all the way to the bank. I recently had a case of laughing at the bank. I was running some errands, one of which was to cash two cheques that were in payment for writing projects. As I handed them over, I had a little Milestone Moment – those moments where fairy dust gets magically sprinkled over a routine situation and everyone pauses to grin giddily in acknowledgement of a well-deserved mark of success. Okay, not everyone was grinning giddily, but I was. Because I had allowed myself to pause long enough to acknowledge that I was in fact getting paid for my writing. And no, it’s not the first time. But we get busy trying to achieve our goals and it’s the first time I took it in, and stopped to say hey I actually am realizing a vision I had for myself ten years ago (see Alta Lake Moment video). This is pretty cool stuff!

In November 2012, I received the Progress Women of Excellence Award for Communications and Public Affairs. The excerpt in the program read:

“Karen Kelloway is passionate about helping others create a career they truly enjoy. Her book, NAIL IT!® Six Steps to Transform Your Career,has been called “insightful and utterly enjoyable” by the Globe and Mail and is now a workshop series. A BPR Mount grad, Karen has leveraged her communications expertise to support community fundraising through guest speaking and participating in boards such as MSVU Black Tie Bingo and NS Breakfast for Learning. Her children’s novel, Raphael’s Riddle, is also the grade five pick this year for small group instruction.”

Karen with her sister, Nancy, (L) and mom, Barb, at the award gala.

In the CBC TV interview held a few hours before the award ceremony, reporter Amy Smith asked me what the award meant to me. That was a hard question. I had envisioned getting awards like this at the end of my career, not now. Isn’t that when you celebrate your career ─ at the end? It took me a few moments (and I had to get her to restart the tape) but my honest response was that for me, the award felt like a gold stamp of approval on my chosen career path. It’s marking a milestone. Funny how we get fixated on the end (like retirement) but our career is a culmination of many milestones. We need to acknowledge them!

Making a career transition takes persistence and perseverance. I am inspired by those who are using NAIL IT!® to create their own career strategies. I love that through my chosen career path of writing and coaching, I get to support others reach goals they once thought unattainable. But it is possible. Just ask the eager-to-please bank teller how he seemed to effortlessly make his client laugh. Sometimes things just work out. Take a moment to acknowledge it!

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