Align with Your Values

Oh how I’ve resisted the Blog. For years people have been suggesting – quite strongly in some cases – that I simply must blog. All the gurus are doing it, they argue. How can you possibly create a following if you’re not providing fresh content, they say. I hear you. And…I’m still thinking about it. Because I still have this niggly feeling that the people I coach and the people in my workshops and the people who read my books already have a full schedule and then some. They have a hard enough time keeping up with their e-mails. How are they going to find time to read a Blog?  If they’re going to invest their precious time to surf the net it’s to plan a desperate escape to some tropical island – or at least that’s what I do.

…What I do love, though, is providing information, coaching and support that helps people create more success and enjoyment in their careers. And if I think about a Blog as a way of supporting that goal, then I can better embrace the idea of using this new medium. Our actions have to align with our values if we’re going to feel good about our work.  In my book, Nail It! Six Steps to Transform Your Career, I talk a lot about how to figure out what you value, what’s most important to you and then translate that into your ideal career. So let’s start there. What are your top three values, what do they mean to you and how are they showing up for you in your current career? You can read Step Two: Acknowledge It for some further thinking and support on values.

I’ve also learned along the way to listen to that niggly feeling – sometimes called intuition – that is telling me people’s time is precious. So, here’s my plan. Because I value meaningful connections, I’m committing to connecting through this Blog. Because I value your time, I’ll keep my posts minimal.  I’m open to building a community of followers who are open to becoming wildly successful and fulfilled in their careers. So I’ve left room for comments where you can share your own experiences of how you are using Nail It! and the coaching ideas within my book. We can all learn from each other, in a way that works for us. We can all create work that we love and a life we enjoy. So let’s get started.

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