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It’s Yours to Create – A Fairy Tree Tale

What I love about this Fairy Tree is how it got its start. It wasn’t always the star of the forest. In the 15 years or so that I’ve been walking along its popular path I hadn’t really paid it much attention. It just blended in with the other trees. Then one December day that all changed. Someone had come along and placed a single ornament on its branches. Soon, others were added. Within a week it had become a beautifully decorated tree. When I brought my kids to add their own homemade ornaments, they thought the tree must be
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Are You Caught in a Corporate Undercurrent?

When you think about getting caught in an undercurrent, what comes to mind? For me, I’m reminded of a beach vacation in the Caribbean when I got caught in a nasty churn of ocean and sand that made me kiss the ground when I finally broke free of it. On the surface, the ocean appeared fun and inviting, but underneath it was a different story. I had seriously underestimated the pull of the undertow. No matter where we work there’s a corporate culture or an undercurrent of values and practices that can either support us in being at our best
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Can You Enjoy the Back-to-School Frenzy?

I’ve enjoyed a fair amount of golf this summer due to the popular Ladies Night at Indian Lake golf course here in Nova Scotia. What I love about the game of golf is that no matter what kind of day you’re having, every shot forces you to get in the zone. Transitioning into Fall can be a particularly difficult time to stay focused. There’s a lot at stake. As parents, we need to ensure our children are prepared and equipped for a good start to school; as individuals, we need to ensure we’ve done all we can to be prepare
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It’s Spring Time, so LET’S GET ALIGNED

Hello and Happy Spring!   Here’s a special to help Jump Start and Get You Aligned for a meaningful and expansive 2014. I’ve been having so much fun helping professionals like you cut through the clutter and focus on what you really want in your working lives, that I’m re-offering a mini version of my trademarked career management program for those who want a quick boost. I’m happy to offer you a mini NAIL IT!® career management program to  help you Get Aligned!   Spend three sessions with me using my trademarked program to create a career strategy that aligns with your values, personal vision
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What Does Authentic Feel Like?

When I hear the word ‘authentic’, I don’t think of a person. I think of a piece of furniture. I think it comes from the fact I grew up in a fifth generation, 100 year-old home littered with antiques that each had its own story. When someone describes another as authentic or lists it as a leadership quality they aspire to embody, I hear an announcer’s voice ─ probably an auctioneer ─ saying something like: “And in this corner we have an Edwardian mahogany partners desk c.1910. Have a seat and feel what authentic feels like.” Like many, I find
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Milestone Moments

There’s a saying about laughing all the way to the bank. I recently had a case of laughing at the bank. I was running some errands, one of which was to cash two cheques that were in payment for writing projects. As I handed them over, I had a little Milestone Moment – those moments where fairy dust gets magically sprinkled over a routine situation and everyone pauses to grin giddily in acknowledgement of a well-deserved mark of success. Okay, not everyone was grinning giddily, but I was. Because I had allowed myself to pause long enough to acknowledge that I
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Is Your Career at a Crossroad? Or do you just need to get ‘aligned’

Is Your Career at a Crossroad? Or do you just need to get ‘Aligned’ Continue reading

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Sometimes a Seven out of Ten Can Be Perfect

An Altered Definition of Perfection My daughter, Gabrielle, recently turned three. Like every other parent, I wanted her birthday to be perfect. Just before I carried over the cake I thought I should get a photo of it ─ you know, for her album. As I looked through the lens, tipping the plate up with my free hand to get a better angle, the cake slipped right off the plate…right onto me. Smoosh. And if that wasn’t bad enough, in my effort to save the cake I dropped the camera….which landed in the icing. As the kiddie choir started belting
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